Practice Areas

Valerie Kiffin Lewis, Esquire, offers Mediation and Arbitration services in the following areas:

Employment Discrimination

Wage & Hours Dispute

Sexual Harassment

Business Litigation

First Party Disputes

General Civil Matters

Commercial Disputes

Real Estate Disputes

Landlord / Tenant Disputes

Family Disputes

General Negligence

Personal Injury

Products Liability

​Medical Malpractice

The VKL  approach

Valerie Kiffin Lewis, Esquire, offers a creative approach to the alternative dispute resolution process and strives to artfully promote the practice of self-determination and self-empowerment.

When mediating with Valerie Kiffin Lewis you realize early on that she has an uncompromising attitude – that is to meet the parties’ desire and ultimate goal- resolution. She attributes her high level of success in reaching settlements to the level of skill acquired and developed throughout her many years of experience.


I have known Valerie Kiffin Lewis for over 25 years as a colleague and a worthy adversary litigating cases with her. She has always been a consummate professional. Recently, I had the pleasure of having Valerie as the Mediator for one of my employment cases. It was a particularly difficult case with emotions running high and with not only my client (the employer) but with the former employee as well. Valerie navigated this mediation in such a masterful way to achieve a resolution to the ultimate satisfaction of both parties. Valerie is a no-nonsense Mediator that takes her job seriously and does so with compassion. She assists the parties in being the architect to their own outcome. I highly recommend Valerie for any difficult mediation.

Alan Danz, Esquire

Alan Danz, Esquire

Valerie brings professionalism, strategy, and skill to the Mediation arena. As a result of working with her, the school district has settled countless difficult mediations that mitigated the exposure of future litigation fees and costs. I am familiar with her work and have personally observed her intermediary skills and proficiency. 

Valerie is approachable, always well prepared, insightful, and has a brilliant legal mind. She brings an element of expertise that is refreshing and astute.

Bernadette Anthon

TPA Property & Casualty Supervisor , Johns Eastern Company

Valerie Kiffin Lewis has the experience and tenacity you want in a mediator. I’ve used her in several “impossible-to-settle” employment law cases that settled through her efforts. I have her on my highly recommended mediator list. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her in a tough case.

Donna Ballman, Esquire

The Ballman Firm

Valerie Kiffin Lewis is a skilled mediator and arbitrator. She has an exceptional ability to find the “sweet spot” to settle a case. Ms. Kiffin Lewis brings with her decades of experience working with claimants and defendants, understanding uniquely what monetary- and non-monetary- terms will cause parties to reach agreement. Ms. Kiffin Lewis is inherently neutral and ensures that each side is heard, considered, and respected. This ability to show respect for each side’s position, regardless of her own opinion, while working with both sides to find their best opportunity to settle, is remarkable. I highly recommend Ms. Kiffin Lewis for her intelligence, positive attitude, and her ability to find the best opportunities for resolution.

Tara Faenza, Esquire

McGivney Kluger Clark & Intoccia, PC

If you need a mediator with experience necessary to settle complex employment cases, or to assist the parties in exploring the risks and benefits of litigating such cases, consider Valerie Kiffin Lewis. She is on my short list of effective mediators.

Jennifer Daley, Esquire

The Amlong Firm

A great resource for all your Mediation and Arbitration needs. If you can’t resolve it with Valerie- then it can’t be resolved.

Joe Ecklekamp, Esquire

Hiday & Ricke