About  VKL

About Valerie Kiffin Lewis:

With more than two decades of experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”), Valerie Kiffin Lewis, Esquire, is a prime choice when selecting a Neutral in the State of Florida. As an unwavering proponent of the ADR process, she is focused on attaining resolution in the most cost-effective and timely manner. Understanding the value of self-determination, Ms. Kiffin Lewis encourages participants to be an architect in crafting the final outcome of their own disputes.

Ms. Kiffin Lewis, Esquire, is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator, certified as a Circuit Civil, Family, Dependency, and County Court Mediator. She is also a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator. She recently was honored when she was inducted into the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (“NADN”) and serves on the roster of several panels, to include the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) (for which she has mediated almost since the inception of its ADR Program in 1999), and for the Southern District of the U.S. District Courts of Florida. With virtual mediations on the rise, legal professionals as well as private individuals benefit from the effective and reliable treatment of their cases online without sacrificing positive and desirable outcomes. Ms. Kiffin Lewis takes pride in her ability to assist parties in the resolution of even the most complex and difficult cases.

Ms. Kiffin Lewis wholeheartedly believes in giving back to the community for which she serves. Throughout her many years of practice as an attorney, and currently, as a full-time neutral, Ms. Kiffin Lewis, Esquire, has provided pro bono or volunteer services to the Florida Bar as Chair, and member of its Grievance Committee (representing the 17th Judicial Circuit), and as a mediator for its ACAP Program. For two decades she served on the Mediator’s Qualification Board for the Florida Dispute Resolution Center in Tallahassee, Florida. Currently, she serves on the Board for Deliver the Dream, a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to the mission of helping families experiencing illness, disability or crisis. She is also a member of the National Sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, where serving others is paramount. She finds her volunteer service to the legal community, and to the general community, as a whole, innately rewarding. When not mediating cases, Ms. Kiffin Lewis, Esquire, is ruling on them. As an Arbitrator, Ms. Kiffin Lewis, Esquire is skilled in the legal analysis of complex employment cases and works diligently to ensure the proper and expeditious handling of all cases assigned to her. Ms. Kiffin Lewis, Esquire, is a graduate of The Ohio State University and received her Juris Doctorate degree from Nova University, Shephard Broad School of Law, where she served as board member of the Moot Court Society and as a Legal Research Assistant. Additionally, Ms. Kiffin Lewis, Esquire, interned as a Federal law clerk for the Honorable Alcee Hastings, Federal District Court Judge for the Southern District of Florida, and served as Judicial Staff Attorney for the 17th Judicial Circuit in Broward County, Florida.

Her hobbies include world traveling, poetry writing, sewing, and interior decorating.

Mission Statement

Valerie Kiffin Lewis, Esquire, strives to artfully promote the practice of self-determination and self-empowerment amongst participants who seek to resolve conflict in their lives.

VKL  Values

Valerie Kiffin Lewis, Esquire, is committed to assisting parties in reaching a mutually acceptable solution to what may appear to be a no-win situation.  She understands the importance of commitment to excellence with integrity.  She is intent on providing excellence in the services she provides, and in doing so, is certain to meet and exceed her client's expectations.

As A Mediator

For the individual or corporation that seeks early resolution of a dispute, mediation is a key alternative to protracted litigation. The benefits of mediation are numerous, but in short, mediation preserves relationships, is less costly, and allows the parties to be an architect in the conclusion and resolution of their dispute. Ms. Kiffin Lewis has garnered a wealth of experience over the past two decades and wholeheartedly believes in the ADR process.

As An Arbitrator

Valerie Kiffin Lewis, Esquire, is a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator, and currently serves on the panel for the American Arbitration Association ("AAA") as both an Employment Arbitrator and Mediator. When parties are unable or unwilling to handle their disputes in mediation, arbitration is a viable alternative. Ms. Kiffin Lewis was first trained as a Labor Arbitrator by Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (“FMCS”) in 2006.

As An Investigator

Valerie Kiffin Lewis, Esquire, has a wealth of experience investigating claims of employment discrimination. Prior to her decision to attend law school, Ms. Kiffin Lewis, Esquire held the position of EEO Counselor/Investigator for the U.S. Postal Service. In that capacity, she was responsible for investigating thousands of complaints of discrimination from inception to closure. This experience led to her desire and commitment to attend law school where her focus and concentration was dedicated to matters and issues revolving around employment and labor law. Ms. Kiffin Lewis was granted a three (3) year leave of absence to attend Law School and upon her return became a Labor Relations Representative for the U.S. Postal Service.

As An Attorney

Although Valerie Kiffin Lewis, Esquire, is now a full-time Neutral, one cannot discount her thirty (30) years of experience as a practicing attorney. Her vast level of experience coupled with her legal acumen and ability to interact well with others makes her an attractive selection as a Neutral.